How can you deal with a manipulative executor?

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When a loved one dies, the executor of their will has the responsibility of carrying out their final wishes. However, not all executors act with integrity.

Some may resort to manipulation and deceit. If you find yourself dealing with a manipulative executor, you may need to learn more.

Educate yourself

The first step in dealing with a manipulative executor is to educate yourself about your rights and responsibilities. Take the time to carefully review the will and familiarize yourself with its contents.

Take note of the person’s assets. Additionally, look up the beneficiaries and what instructions the will contains regarding the distribution of assets.

Communicate clearly

Communicating with others involved in the estate is a large part of an executor’s job. This means you should clearly express your concerns and expectations to the executor in a respectful and assertive manner.

Think about third parties

If talking with the executor is difficult, consider looking for mediation or other methods to resolve conflicts. A neutral third party can help discussions along and find common ground between the executor and beneficiaries.

Document everything

Keep a record of all communications, including emails, letters and conversations, to document your efforts to resolve any disputes. Documentation can serve as evidence in case of future disputes or legal proceedings. It can also help to support your claims and protect your interests.

Dealing with a manipulative executor can be challenging and stressful, but it is important to be proactive. You can then try to ensure that people carry out your loved one’s last instructions properly.

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