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November 2019 Archives

The steps that you should take immediately after probating a will

One of the first steps that you should take as the executor of a New Jersey resident's estate is to probate the testator's will. This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of your responsibilities though. There are several other steps that you should handle as part of the estate administration process.

Why does it take so long to settle a New Jersey probate case?

It's often not long after a family member dies that their loved ones begin clamoring to get a piece of what they feel that they're due from it. While many heirs may think that they can simply walk into a decedent's home and take what they feel is rightfully theirs, this is not the case. There are steps that an executor must take before this can happen. This is why it can take a while for a New Jersey a decedent's assets to be distributed to their heirs.

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