Avoiding the “third-generation curse” through your estate plan

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The third-generation curse refers to the phenomenon where family wealth tends to dissipate by the time it reaches the grandchildren of the original wealth creator. This trend often occurs due to inadequate estate planning and the lack of strategies to preserve and manage wealth across generations.

However, with careful and effective estate planning, families can break free from this cycle.

Establishing clear goals and objectives

Effective estate planning begins with establishing clear goals and objectives for the preservation and distribution of assets. Families should consider their values, priorities and long-term financial objectives when creating an estate plan. By defining their goals, families can develop strategies and structures that align with their vision for the future. They can also mitigate the risk of wealth erosion over time.

Implementing trusts and other wealth-preservation tools

Trusts are powerful tools for preserving wealth and managing assets across generations. By establishing trusts, families can protect assets from creditors. They can also control the distribution of wealth according to their wishes. Trusts can also provide safeguards against irresponsible spending.

Educating and empowering successors

Another key aspect of effective estate planning is educating and empowering successors to manage wealth responsibly. Involving successors in estate planning can also foster a sense of ownership and commitment to preserving the family legacy.

Reviewing and updating estate plans

Estate planning is not a one-time event. Instead, it is an ongoing process that requires regular review and updating. Changes in family circumstances, tax laws and economic conditions can impact the effectiveness of an estate plan. By reviewing and updating their plans, families can ensure that their strategies remain relevant and aligned with their evolving needs and objectives.

Kiplinger notes that the third-generation curse affects 90% of wealthy families. By adopting these strategies, families can break free from the cycle of wealth erosion and ensure the lasting legacy of their assets for future generations.

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