What traits should you look for in an executor?

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When thinking about passing on your inheritance and heirlooms, you may imagine what you want to give to your beneficiaries. In addition to this choice, you also need to consider who you want as your executor.

Your choice may not be obvious at first if you do not know what to look for. As you learn more about the traits this role requires, you can narrow down who you want.

Responsible and aware

According to Kiplinger, the person you pick for this role needs to be responsible and ready to take on the duties of an executor. With the internet, they can live in another state and still perform the necessary duties anywhere they are.

An executor should know how to file important documents to the courts as well as alert the right places of your death. In order to stay organized, this person should be responsible and willing to work hard on their own time, even if they live somewhere far away from you.

Kind and flexible

When your executor talks with your beneficiaries, they need to be able to end arguments and calmly discuss important matters. Your executor should have a kind and respectful presence so that your beneficiaries feel comfortable coming to them with any questions.

They may also need to be flexible, since some beneficiaries may have concerns they need to address that they may not have thought of. When thinking about the people in your life you may name as your executor, keeping in mind what traits they have is important.

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