Types of wealth protection in New Jersey and beyond

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Asset and estate protection tools provide families and businesses the flexibility they need to secure their wealth. Unexpected changes like death taxes or failing marriages should not penalize a person who prepares. 

New Jersey has plenty of trust options for people wanting to ensure their hard-earned legacy goes to those they wish. But there is no sense in limiting it to New Jersey’s specific offerings. A person with thorough estate planning, as Forbes says, has the tools to protect their wealth in the event of legal complications or someone else seeking to capitalize on their earnings. 

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Trusts can help in avoiding unwanted taxes, but avoiding them all is unrealistic. Knowing what taxes to expect at the top of things, as the New Jersey treasury details, can assist estate planning. New Jersey specifies a number of protection options from the usual terms like revocable and irrevocable trusts where someone turns over their property to certain trust agreements, to more complex trusts like electing small business trusts that protect wealth to divest to shareholders at certain times. 


Other tools include limited liability entities that separate personal property from business assets. Beyond New Jersey, one particular trend that Delaware helped establish with its trust-friendly laws laid the ground floor for what some law firms call dynasty trusts. A person wishing to can file for a perpetual trust that avoids state taxes provided no beneficiary lives within Delaware (or the particular state). 


Beyond national borders, foreign trusts provide one of the strongest tools in the form of irrevocable, self-settled trusts that exist under the purview of another country. These may allow for the occasional distribution, but at the expense of convenience, a person can secure their wealth from unexpected tragedy or legal action. 

In all spheres, dedicated and attentive asset protection planning is key. 

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