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Protecting children via trust when getting remarried

It's not out of the ordinary to get married two times in life. It's also not out of the ordinary to have children from your first marriage move in with you and your new spouse in Middlesex, New Jersey. What many parents need to realize is that they have to protect their children in their second marriage. This is done by updating the estate plan and creating a trust.

How can setting up a Delaware trust protect my assets?

The estate planning process is to be able to pass on your legacy to future generations. One key way to do that is by preserving the value of the assets that you've amassed during your lifetime. While many think that the best way to do this is by placing their funds in an offshore bank account, setting up a Delaware trust can afford you similar benefits and peace of mind.

Should you choose irrevocable trusts to protect your assets?

You've worked hard to live a life with many assets, and at this point, you just want to protect as many of them as you can. As you age, you know you could risk losing assets to the government if you do not plan carefully.

A trust could protect your kids from their own spendthrift ways

When setting up an estate plan, one of the most important tools to consider is a trust. There are a wide variety of trusts you can use for a range of purposes. One of the largest benefits is that trust assets don't have to go through probate, and good planners may be able to avoid probate altogether or at least reduce the burden on loved ones. Each type of trust, however, has its own characteristics, benefits and requirements.

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